Sarah Bachman

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Sarah Bachman — Project - Hero
  • CLIENT: Billy's Hideaway Santa Fe
  • ROLE: Logo, Visual Identity, Signage

Billy's Hideaway Santa Fe

Logo, visual identity and signage for a new hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The traditional adobe building dates to the 1870’s, a period of time synonymous with the Lincoln County War and folklore associated with the Wild West. The hotel was named after Billy the Kid who was known to evade capture by hiding out in Santa Fe, and who’s legacy still rings through the mesas, valleys and high plains of the west. The identity for the hotel was created as a nod to that story, a place where you can come to escape. The typography used to create the wordmark is reflective of the woodblock type used on wanted posters and signage of that time. As the outside of the building remained unchanged, the interior design of the hotel was modernized. The crisp character icon of Billy was designed to bring the same balance into the identity, providing a fresh take on the Wild West hideaway narrative.

Sarah Bachman — Project - Image
Sarah Bachman — Project - Image
Sarah Bachman — Project - Image
Sarah Bachman — Project - Image


Photography: Zach Sorensen

3D Product Visualization: Julia Ambrus

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